Greetings from Finnderby

Last week HoH Team galloped to Ypäjä to enjoy some Finnderby
action. As you might know Finnderby is one of the biggest annual equestrian events in Finland. So we had to be there, right?! And we are so glad that we came. During those four days we had a chance to meet our loyal customers (thanks for stopping by!) and make lots of new friends. Hope to see you all soon! <3

We are always so happy to get feedback and a returning customer is the best thanks we can get. So we were extra pleased to present something new to our customers. Check out this new HoH t-shirt made of light weight, easily drying technical material. Colour choices are dusty pink for all you girly girls and stylish melange grey. We almost sold these babies out (and the caps are temporarily gone too…) but if you are quick you can get your own I’m a Horse Girl and Proud of It -shirt from our webshop. And don’t worry, we are filling our stashes asap.

Some said Finnderby lacked audience this year but we had a nice buzz in our tent – which is brand new by the way! In this lovely little tent we are able to create the complete HoH World Experience where ever we go. We are constantly brainstorming ideas how to surprise you guys in the next event on our Summer Tour. We’ll announce the next pit stop soon. And while waiting, we would very much like to know where you would like to see our cute HoH tent next?  Invite us over!

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