Our lovely #hohsquad from around the world! Horsegirls and proud of it!


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Stella Hagelstam, Finland


House of Horses Brand Ambassador


Our lovely Brand Ambassador is a Finnish dressage superstar Stella Hagelstam. She is a multiple Finnish Champion and Grand Prix and Team dressage rider. Stella is everything that HoH represents; she is positive, supportive and great role model to young equestrians. It’s also very important to us that a Finnish equestrian represents our Finnish designs abroad. Stella is the face in our brand photoshootings as well. Stella is also breeding Finnish Warmblood Horses (FWB).






Afssaneh & Lille, Bayern, Germany


My name is Afssaneh and I’m from Germany near Munich. My best friend is my 12-year-old Holsteiner gelding called Lillebror, but I named him lovingly “Lille”. He’s such an eyecatcher and I’m so proud to be his owner since 2013. Together we compete in showjumping, dressage and eventing. But I also love to ride biteless or with neckrobe at home. As an equestrian blogger I try to dress me and my horse always nice and groomed and that’s why I’m really happy to be a member of HoHsquad! Their products are high quality, modern and sporty chic!




Rachel Ersen-Reunis, The Stylish Equestrian, Switzerland


My name is Rachel Ersen-Reunis and I am Dutch, currently living in Switzerland. A while ago all my life dreams came true: I quit my high profile international sales and marketing job and started my own Equestrian small business consulting business, started a fashion blog (The Stylish Equestrian) on the side for fun and finally was able to own my own horse again after many years of caring for and training other peoples horses. I found my lovely Clemmie (6yo Oldenburger) mare. It was love first sight and she came home with me in the summer of 2016 and we are now having a wonderful time competing in dressage. I love combining street fashion with stable style and believe that House of Horses offers the absolute perfect mix of both.





Nana Cerise, Bordeaux, France


My name is Anaïs-Cerise, I’m a French rider. I am very lucky to have my own horse, Romeo, my team mate, since more than 5 years. We compete together in show jumping (135cm) – but one of our favorite moment is when we ride brideless, if possible on the Atlantic beach because we feel so happy when we are there ! More important, we are a team, we have a really special link that makes our relationship strong and so precious.
I am also an equestrian blogger, and I really enjoy discover new products and new brands … It’s always an exciting new adventure and I’m so happy to meet sometimes nice ones like House of Horses. I’am really proud to be part of this adventure as brand ambassador – will do all my best for the French girls 😉




Photo by @mkphotographiie



Marisa Rainer, Austria
My name is Marisa Rainer, I am from Austria and own a purebred arabian mare called Asira Farache. I am an ambitious dressage rider
who wants to show the world that arabians are great sporthorses as well. We compete at different dressage competitons and it is very important for me to vary the training.House of Horses products are an inherent part in my everyday life. I prefer these products due to the awesome quality and design. Dressed in HoH you are always an eyecatcher and I cannot imagine my daily routine without these products.


Nathalie, Munich, Germany


My name is Nathalie and I am based in Munich, Germany. Since May 2016 I own a 6-year old German Sport Horse who is called Quinn Remember. Quinn gets an all-round training in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing.
It is extremely important for me, to organize the training diversified and horse friendly! My number one priority is the great relation as well as the love between me and my horse.

That is why, I am so happy and proud to be a brand ambassador of House of Hourses, as they fit perfectly due to their lovingly and stylish design. With House of Horses you are always perfectly dressed, not only in the stable but also everywhere else!





Alina Reimertz, Germany


My name is Alina Reimertz and I’m from Germany. With my horses Sindy (Haflinger) and Hero (Kwpn) I don’t take part at competitions because we only ride bitless, with the neckrope or do freework! I’m really happy about the collaboration with HoH, because their products look awesome, fit perfect and have a good quality! 😊






Martina Boccia, Italy


Tacchi a Cavallo is about passion. It’s the desire to describe the equestrian world from a unique point of view, the fashion.
Thanks to the blog, I had the exciting opportunity to share my passions with a variety of interesting people and brands, and become one of the winners of the Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2017 Awards.
That’s what Tacchi a Cavallo is: an innovative idea to take the equestrian world outside the stables, in everyday life. Not every horse lover has the chance to breath the positive vibes of those amazing animals. That’s the role of fashion and design, that become the perfect means to express the feelings and the emotions that the equestrian world is capable to give: Tacchi a Cavallo describes the new dimension of the equestrian style.



Photo by Paolo Chiodini @paolochiodiniph