House of Horses Helsinki in media:

Mein Pferd Magazine, January 1/2019


Our HoH Hoodie in the German Mein Pferd Magazine.





Reiter Revue International, Nr. 1/2018 Herbst/Winter


Our Candy Pocket Hoodie and Unicorn Grip Leggings featured in the German Reiter Revue magazine with Ingrid Klimke on the cover.






Reiter Revue International, 11 Nov 2018


Our Headband and PomPom Beanie in grey in Reiter Revue magazine.














Reiter Revue International , 11/2017



House of Horses Helsinki featured in the fall fashion issue. Text: Sabine Gregg, photos: Stefan Lafrentz

Mein Pferd, Germany, 1. October/November 2017


House of Horses Helsinki and our Cap in grey, pink Raincoat and HorseGirl T-shirt featured in Mein Pferd Magazine with the picture of our ambassador, professional Finnish equestrian Stella Hagelstam.


Iltalehti Ilona magazine, 29.7.2017


Text: Noora Vilen, photos: Pasi Liesimaa 

Hippos magazine, 04/2017


Reiter Revue 02/2017


Perheyritys magazine, 4/2015


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