Welcome guest writer Liesbeth from Equestrian Lifestyle!

As an equestrian fashion blogger, I feel the greatest pleasure when someone reads what I have written. So I am honored to be a guest blogger for House of Horses. Since the day I remembered, horses have been the recurrent theme of my life. Born in an equestrian family, I started riding at the age of 6 and today, 25 years later, horsesport is still my alltime passion. After graduating law school, I’ve always wanted to work in the equestrian industry, so I started training dressage horses and became a dressage judge. I love to work with stallions and I’m always eager to learn more about the art of classical horsemanship. This quest has brought me in several countries in Europe. The equestrian industry has developed a lot the latest years and more and more equestrian events were launched around the world. In 2013, the idea came up to create an equestrian blog, where I could share my experiences from working in the equestrian industry and combine this with my passion for fashion and luxury brands. Equestrian Lifestyle was born. The blog www.equestrianlifestyleblog.com is an extension of the lifestyle I’ve developed while working with horses, so I am more than happy to share my experiences with you and inform you with the latest trends in the equestrian world. I also have a passion for design and creating all the beautiful things that are running around in my head. This year, we will start with a capsule collection of small equestrian accessoires. The shop will be launched in summer and we are in full proces of production and design. 






Have a great weekend!!